Why Should You Apply Tourism Translation to Your Marketing Strategy?

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The tourism industry is undeniably burgeoning these days, with the demand for traveling booming after the Covid-19 pandemic. And the key to success in such a fast-growing sector lies in effective marketing, which might now mean personalized marketing content and tactics with tourism translation.

Why so? Read on as the article below will walk you through how specifically tourism translation can help your business! 

Why Is Tourism Translation Important?

Tourism plays a key role in many nations’ development. In fact, it was one of the world’s largest sectors, with 9.2 trillion USD (10.4% of global GDP in 2019), as per  World Travel and Tourism Council.

In this day and age, the quality of life has been increasing fast. This, coupled with growing globalization, has led to a booming trend to travel. People now have much better conditions (transportation, finance, etc) to pay a visit to numerous places in the world, especially unfamiliar countries. 

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That being said, there is still a huge obstacle for people to travel – not knowing the language. Not every traveler can speak the local languages of their desired destinations, and that might hinder them from taking a tour to those places. 

Yet this linguistic challenge can be overcome using translation. 

No matter whether you are an airline, a hotel, a resort, an event organizer, a restaurant, a bar, or a cruise tour organizer, you may need tourism translation for your documents. 

For example, if you are offering accommodation, hotel and destination brochures will need to be in various languages so that international tourists can comprehend them. 

Among all the materials that need localizing, promotional documents are the most important. Nowadays the internet is where people first turn to when they want to know more about a place or plan for their trips, so we bet you will never want to neglect this chance to reach them!

The Importance of Tourism Translation in Online Marketing

If you are working in the tourism industry, this is what translation can help with your marketing: 

#1. Higher Visibility and Greater Global Reach

Websites available in your target audience’s language will stand a higher chance to rank higher on Google search result pages (compared to a foreign-language or English-only site).

This way, your company can increase your brand awareness overseas. 

#2. Better Customer Experience

This is the main part that many tourism businesses care about. 

Once your potential customers come across your site on Google, chances are that they will browse for more and more information. They will need to know more about your company, what you offer, which deals are available at the time they plan to depart, etc. 

What if they can not keep going on due to linguistic barriers and then churn from your site? 

Your tourists will likely have a better impression of your business if their experience on your site is smooth and easy.

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For example, Chinese tourists are one of the most avid travelers in the world, yet many of them do not speak or read English and instead would prefer a website available in their mother tongue. That’s why you will need to translate your website to build a Chinese version. 

Then it’s time to make their traveling experience to its fullest, and ensure that they can enjoy a trip with hassle-free language.

#3. Higher Sales

It’s obvious that tourism translation can make your customers happier. 

As a result, tourists will likely return, leave good feedback and even recommend you as their trusted tour agent. More and more customers can get to know your offerings, boosting sales and profits.

Why Should You Go For a Professional Tourism Translation Agency for Your Marketing Strategy?

The version that you translate your site into will be the very first impression you exert on customers. In other words, they represent the whole company’s image. The translation must be grammatically and spelling correct, as well as suitable for the target audience.

Also, the cultural aspect plays a crucial role in translation, especially when it comes to the tourism industry. 

Documents for tourists tend to include a whole host of unique cultural references that foreigners may find hard to fully comprehend. If the translation is of poor quality, the meaning and beauty of many cultural aspects could not be conveyed.

Imagine when there’s undesired sensational content on your website due to Google Translate or a lack of cultural knowledge. The consequences of that incident are dire, so you are highly recommended to go for a trustworthy and experienced translating agent. 

With a wide network of experts with decent cultural knowledge or experience, they can do a better job to ensure high-quality tourism translation.

Choose GTE Localize as A Trustworthy Partner for Your Tourism Translation

As the tourism translation is of great importance in your marketing and business, the quality of your translated marketing materials is key to effectively communicating to global tourists. 

Working with GTE Localize, you could enjoy: 

A wide range of translation services: With experience in translating almost all tourism-related materials including Guidebooks, Restaurant menus, Directories, etc., they also have translated several marketing materials like Press releases, Travel articles, Tourist brochures, etc. 

Fast and High-quality translation at reasonable pricing: GTE employed numerous translators with in-depth knowledge and experience in the tourism industry. This agency is highly committed to negotiated deadlines and will work their best to deliver the translation within the time frame.

Learn more about GTE Tourism Translation and leave an inquiry for a 1-1 consultancy with their experts! 

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