Top-rated Travel Translation Service You Can Rely On

Top-rated Travel Translation Service You Can Rely On

The travel and tourism industry plays a crucial role in the world economy. With various languages spoken today, travel translation services pave the way for businesses to connect with more international and multicultural travelers. Translation services for travel and tourism might make tourists feel at ease and increase overall their satisfaction and recommendations.

This article will help you learn more about commonly translated documents for the travel industry and how to choose the correct translation service provider for your travel and tourism industry.

Most commonly translated documents for the Travel industry 

To make each tourist feel welcome thanks to familiarity, trust, and understanding, you should localize all of your materials to overcome cultural or linguistic barriers. Below, we listed several commonly translated documents you should pay attention to.

#1. Website Localization

People are likely to visit your website to find out information about your services and how you can help them on their trips. They can spend a significant amount of time comparing tourism services online, from researching destinations to purchasing tickets, booking hotels, and creating a detailed plan of daily activities. So, your website localization is vital to make a great first impression and satisfaction in their traveling experience.

#2. Promotional Materials Translation

Attract travelers from various countries and cultures by localizing your promotional materials. You can use appropriate native translators to localize several of your material like marketing content, brochures, offers, or advertising.

#3. Flight Information Translation

To deliver the best experience for travelers, supporting documents must be accurately translated into the customers’ native languages. These translations assist travelers in quickly checking fares, scheduled flights, and purchasing tickets. Also, to engage international tourists, global airlines should translate various communication materials like safety instructions and marketing promotions into many different languages.

#4. Traveling Guides Translation

You should work with the translation agency to localize some traveling guides, including detailed maps, public transportation information, and lists of top tourist attractions. These guides will help your customers have a great experience as well as save time when they travel to locations outside their home country.

#5. Restaurant Menus

Food is indispensable to any traveler’s list of things to do. They can go to restaurants to enjoy local dishes. So if you are running a restaurant, it’s essential to translate all the menus into several popular languages that will help your customers to select dishes in your restaurant with ease;

How GTE Localize can help you with travel translation services

GTE Localize has offered travel and tourism translation services for over five years with a team of talented linguists. Their translation services help travelers understand the latest tourism information through timely, accurate travel translation, whether it is a travel brochure, a travel website or the latest travel news. With excellent hospitality and travel translation services, they might give you closer to your international audience. Below is the main reason why you should work with them.

#1. Quality Assurance

GTE Localize provides advanced quality assurance processes to the world’s best translators. Not only that, but if you are dissatisfied, they will offer a free comprehensive translation review. To ensure the quality of translations, they also require a team of native translators with high qualifications and experience in related fields:

  • Bachelor’s degree in translation from a reputable university;
  • 5+ years of experience translating content for top tourism businesses;
  • Experience working with various hospitality and travel document types, ranging from restaurant menus to travel insurance policies.

#2. Deadline Compliance

GTE Localize ensures the best performance levels for their customers with an optimized workflow that provides over 95 percent of deliveries are completed on time. Furthermore, if they miss a deadline, they can refund the translation up to the total cost.

#3. Competitive Rates 

You will know precisely what you’re getting with GTE Localize. Their rates ensure you pay a fair price for the level of service you select. There are no shady deals or unpleasant surprises. You can choose various options to tailor your translation project to your budget, requirements, and constraints.

#4. ISO Certificates 

Certificates will assist you in determining the company’s ability to guarantee the quality of translation projects. GTE Localize strictly adheres to the most stringent quality management system requirements. They strive to consistently provide superior services to all customers by constantly improving their process and training their staff and translators.


Your business deserves to work with the best translation agency available. We hope that this article will help you select the right translation company for the tourism industry. Hiring a translation company with an experienced, dedicated, and professional team will ensure that your company’s document translation is of the highest quality.

Any type of tourism translation project can be handled by GTE Localize. They offer translation services ranging from tourist brochures to promotion offers, travel articles, advertising, and marketing.

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