Why Should You Apply Multilingual Website Translation for Tourism?

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Basically, trips start online these days. And below are some noteworthy findings from recent research: 

  • 65% of Internet users prefer browsing in their first language
  • 76% look for product information in their mother tongue 
  • Up to 40% will not trust and purchase from websites in unfamiliar languages

Obviously, the multilingual website translation can confer benefits to most businesses, including travel and tourism ones. Especially in the age of globalization with rising demand for traveling post the Covid-19 pandemic, having multilingual websites should be prioritized on your to-do list! 

The power of multilingual website translation in tourism varies. And the article below will provide you with clear insights into how these sites can drive your business forward! 

5 Benefits of Multilingual Website Translation in Tourism

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#1. Create a competitive advantage

These days, Internet users can get access to a plethora of sites. However, a large number of them do not have information that people need in their own language.

Hence, if your website is translated into several tongues, especially the ones that your target customers speak, you will undoubtedly stand out! 

Tourists might also find you caring and thoughtful since you do think about their needs. On top of that, in their eyes, a multilingual website will likely represent a global and professional brand. And this can surely be your advantage over several competitors!

#2. Reach more international visitors

Among the top ten nations in terms of Internet usage, only two (including the U.S and Mexico) have English as their first language. People from the other biggest online markets might speak Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, and Russian, to name but a few. 

Thus, undoubtedly, if you only translate your website into English, chances are that a great number of prospective customers may be missed. However, with a majority of Internet users (65%) prefer content in their first language, building multilingual websites will be a surefire way for you to reach more international visitors. 

A typical success story for this is Upper Camps Bay Guest House, a lovely multi-level self-service restaurant near the foot of Table Mountain. This company’s site has been translated into 6 common languages, namely Spanish, French, Korean, German, Japanese, and Italian.

According to its founder, after the multilingual website translation project, the brand has reached a greater number of international tourists, and its global brand awareness increased. Also, bookings from various countries like Spain, France, Germany, etc. have soared. 

#3. Rank higher in search engines (greater SEO)

SEO is a vital part of digital marketing and your business as a whole. And multilingual website translation can really help you with this important factor. 

02 multilingual website translation SEO

Most people (76%) use their first language to search for product information online, and so do tourists. Translating your sites into various languages means a higher chance to match with their search terms, thus appearing higher on the search result pages. 

Since search engines like Google or Bing tend to rank sites in local languages higher compared to English or foreign sites, the multilingual website translation can really boost your SEO both locally and globally. 

If you want to make the most of multilingual website translation for SEO, do not forget the steps below: 

  • Decide the best time to launch your multilingual sites. Some companies want to build a successful site before adapting translated versions, while others believe that content goes first. 
  • Choose the right CMS (Content Management Systems). It’s important to make sure the CMS is friendly to various languages. 
  • Structure your site effectively for multilanguage. You can use URL parameters, or country-code domains, such as .vn for Vietnam. 
  • Research keywords in the target language. 

#4. Higher site traffic and lower churn rates

Multilingual website translation can not only bring greater traffic to your site thanks to higher visibility and SEO ranking, but it can improve your customers’ experience.

03 multilingual website translation traffic

In fact, some people might still be interested in items or experiences on English sites at the first glance and then click to view more. But it is common for these visitors to churn right away if they can not fully comprehend what you try to convey. 

Once your site is translated into multiple languages, their experience can become more smooth. People will appreciate the effort you have paid to localize your site into their own language, be less likely to churn, and become your site’s loyal visitors instead. 

At the end of the day, your website can be a lot more effective with higher traffic and lower churn rates.

TimeLess Rooms, an accommodation agent, perfectly exemplifies the advantage of a multilingual website. According to its manager, thanks to website translation, the website’s traffic increased by 33% while the churn rate dropped dramatically from nearly 80% to only a third. 

#5. Boost sales

This is the ultimate fruit that travel and tourism companies can reap from multilingual website translation. 

While in the past, people did not easily trust and purchase from an international website, it is no longer the case now. In the year 2019, over 90 billion people completed online transactions, totaling $3.5 trillion in online sales. With a multilingual site, your business can take huge advantage of this movement.

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