The Best Guide to Indonesian App Localization for Every Tourism Business

A Best Guide to Mobile App Localization for Every Tourism Business

Indonesian app localization plays a crucial step for tourism business in your way of penetrating the Indonesian market. 

Indonesia is among the fastest-growing mobile app markets in the world. This is due primarily to the increasing popularity of video apps and streaming services, as well as Indonesia’s extremely low internet costs.

While Indonesians have more choices for apps, both new and old app developers are competing to get their apps noticed. Localizing apps is one of the key tasks that companies have to perform to engage with more customers.

In this article, we will go through some very useful tactics you can use to get your app more downloads in Indonesia for every tourism brand.

1. What is Indonesian App Localization?

Indonesian app localization is the process of adapting the content, interface, function, and other resources of your app to suit the Indonesian market.

App localization does not only take linguistic aspects into consideration but also makes adjustments to the app’s interface, graphics, and functions. To be more specific, this process includes the following duties:

  • In-app content translation
  • App graphics localization
  • App description translation
  • User review translation
  • App localization testing (Linguistic testing and User experience testing)

2. Why Should You Perform Indonesian App Localization For Your Tourism Business?

To indicate why Indonesian app localization is so important, let’s take a look at some figures below:

  • According to Statista, total revenue in the App market in Indonesia is projected to reach US$1,581.00m in 2022. The app demand in Indonesia is huge and there is room for app developers to grow.
  • More than 50% of customers around the world only buy on websites that are in their native language.
  • Distimo (App Annie), a publisher of app data and statistics, surveyed 200 apps and found that a week after releasing an iPhone app in a new language, downloads in the same country jumped by 128% and revenues grew by 26%.

These figures demonstrate that if you want your app to succeed in Indonesia, English alone will not be enough.

3. Ways to Increase Downloads with Indonesian App Localization

  • Custom app designs for the Indonesian market

It is a big mistake to use the same app design for all markets throughout the world as each country has its own preferences for colors, symbols, design styles, as well as linguistic differences. Even a minor mistake about these cultural aspects might ruin the entire project. 

For example, the green color is generally associated with luck, nature, freshness, and spring in Western cultures, yet it is prohibited in Indonesia. Similarly, symbols vary from country to country. If the OK sign is a highly offensive gesture in Brazil, Germany, Russia, and many other nations throughout the world because it depicts a private bodily orifice, people in Indonesia use the okay sign to show that everything is fine, it’s all good or great. 

As such, it is vital to make customized designs for your apps when entering the Indonesian market.  

  • Take advantage of Pseudolocalization

Let’s have a look at the following example. The first image shows the source design, which features appealing text and eye-catching font. Now move to the second image. “Inilah lonjakan geser” is the accurate translation of “It’s swiping surge.” The translation is unfortunately very lengthy, and several characters are missing. That is why, before running your apps, you should do pseudolocalization.

Pseudolocalization (or pseudo-localization) is a software testing technique for evaluating the internationalization capabilities of the software. Pseudolocalization verifies whether or not your app is ready for localization. Your resource file will be tested for various issues such as text expansion or contraction, hard-coded strings, different character sets, and strings that should not be translated.

  • Pay attention to app store optimization

App store optimization (ASO) enhances your exposure on app stores in the same way that SEO (search engine optimization) helps you increase the visibility of your content in a search engine. ASO includes localized keywords in the app description and title to ensure that your app is found by users and ranks higher in the app store than your rivals.

It’s critical to choose the right search terms and create content that’s tailored for the Indonesian market. The proper translation of your app’s name, description, and keywords will make it easier for local consumers to find it. Also, consider your icon design and how it will appear on iOS and Android.

Steve P. Young, an ASO specialist at Appmaster, said that his customers have resulted in a 10X boost in downloads by localizing mobile apps. David Janner, Editor-in-Chief of MAKE APP Magazine, increased downloads by 767% by localizing app keywords. These figures demonstrate the significance of app localization in the number of app downloads and sales.

4. Reasons to choose GTE Localize for your Indonesian app localization

Indonesian app localization is a complicated and continuous effort. You can’t simply translate the content of your app once and then stop. New features and bug fixes are added to your app on a regular basis. The localized versions are the same. To get the best outcomes, you should cooperate with professional app localizers who are familiar with the Indonesian language and app preferences of your target users in the travel and tourism industry. 

GTE Localize is a professional translation agency with a focus on app localization for travel and tourism businesses. We offer tourism app localization services in all major languages across the world including:

  • App Translation
  • App Localization
  • App Description Translation
  • User Review Translation
  • App Testing

We provide clients with continuous app localization services for the tourism industry through well-known localization platforms such as Crowdin and Lokalise to ensure that any changes are updated on time. 

Contact our team and get your Indonesian app localization project kicked off today!

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