How to Boost Your Business with Google Ads Translation?

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Undoubtedly, Google Ads translation can play a key role in boosting your business on a global scale, as it will help you reach more international audiences than ever before. 

If you want to leverage your Google Ads translation for an effective online marketing campaign, this article will provide you with several useful tips. 

Why Is Google Ads Translation Important? 

Are you having some budget for advertising but unsure whether Google Ads is worth the investment? Or you might wonder, is it necessary to “worry” so much about this task, rather than just put it on google translate and have everything done within seconds? 

Before diving into how to boost your business with successful Google Ads translation, let’s be clear about why it is important. 

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Here are some facts about Google Ads: 

  • Google is the biggest search engine today with 85.55% of the world’s market share as of Jan 2022, according to Statista. With such a huge user base, Google Ads can be very useful. 
  • The algorithms of Google Ads are also proven to be effective in matching what you advertise (using pre-defined keywords) with customers’ needs (based on their search terms). It works well 99% of the time! 
  • Universal might Google Ads be, the majority of Internet users tend to search and click ads in their native languages.

Given the above statistics and facts, it goes without saying that to reach more users globally, being multilingual on Google Ads is a must. 

Google Ads translation and localization require more than word-by-word transformation. Just like any other form of advertising, it requires a thorough consideration of contexts, cultures, customers, etc. Many companies have suffered when their ads triggered controversies globally, and we, for sure, all want to avoid that. 

So how to be successful with your Google Ads localization? Here are 6 tips. 

Tips to Boost Your Business with Successful Google Ads Translation

#1. Choose your target language

Every business wants to have a global reach. But you can only focus on some countries and languages; thus, be very clear at the beginning about which to target. 

You can use your Google Ads dashboard and other Google reports to see who might have an interest in your products or services. After that, do not forget to change the setting of your target language to “French speakers”, for instance. 

#2. Do not use Google translate 

For a fast and cost-saving translation, you may be tempted to use google translate for your ads. But will that work? While it can help people understand the gist of a text, advertising requires more than that! 

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For advertising, customers need to feel the “vibe” or “soul” of your products, which machines can hardly deliver. Instead, it should be done by professional Google Ads translation agencies. 

Also, Google Translate may not fully recognize regional variations of a language. For instance, Chinese spoken in different regions of China, or other parts of the world, will not be the same. And only experienced linguists can identify this. 

#3. Pick and localize the right keywords

For Google bots to successfully “locate” your site and introduce it to potential customers, you must use the right keyword. 

But what keywords will be worth bidding on? Here are some tips to pick and localize: 

  • First, conduct keyword research in your target language, using platforms such as SemRush. Look for the local’s popular search terms that are related to your business. 
  • Choose the ones with high search volume and low competition and create a final list of keywords.  
  • Work with a professional partner to localize the list of keywords. Once again, keywords can not be translated word by word, or even using the machine translation. The list will be long, and you will need to dive deeper into the culture and context, which requires professional knowledge and experience.
  • Update your keyword list regularly with the same steps. 

In this way, your bidding on Google can be more effective, and your business can save a great deal of time and money. 

#4. Adapt to Google Ads’ character limits 

There are a number of rules to display ads on Google, but the most challenging one in creating multilingual Google Ads lies in the text length.

In fact, the length of text of Google Ads is usually limited to 15 to 90 characters. You will need to take this into account since different languages will have different text lengths. 

For example, a Vietnamese or Chinese text tends to take up 30% more space than an English version. Thus, if you just localize the ads without realizing character limits, chances are that the text can not be fully displayed on Google. 

Hence, do not forget to adhere to Google Ads’ character limits during your Google Ads translation. 

#5. Do not forget the negative keywords

Many keywords, despite appearing to be “relevant” to people’s search terms, are actually not related to your business. If these keywords are included in your Google Ads, people will likely click to your landing page and bounce just right away, which makes your campaigns ineffective and wasteful. 

To lower the bounce rate and increase the effectiveness of Google Ads, do not forget negative keywords. 

For example, if you sell soup, “meat” can be translated and added negative keyword list. This way, you may not have to pay for the irrelevant click without any conversion. 

#6. Localize your landing page

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Imagine when users click a Google Ad in their mother tongue, but then find out that the page is in another unfamiliar language. Chances are that they will churn immediately. 

To make sure that your Google Ads translation works, bear in mind to localize all “touch points” along their purchase journey, too. This includes landing page, about us, deals, check-out, etc. Such localization can help your customers have a smooth experience, thereby making a purchase more easily. 

Working with GTE Localize for a Flourishing Google Ads Translation

GTE Localize, with years of experience in localization and a wide network of experts in several corners of the world, is confident to deliver high-quality Google Ads translation. They also offer a fast turnaround time and a very reasonable price! 

Contact them now to boost your business with Google Ads localization. 

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